10 Signs A Narcissist Is Interested In You (BEWARE!)

10 Signs A Narcissist Is Interested In You (BEWARE!)


Have you ever wondered how narcissists act when they are interested in someone? They are always known for being in love with themselves and highly self-centered, so it may be hard for you to imagine them liking someone other than themselves. But when they fall for you, they can show a very different side. Narcissists will do anything to gain your interest, admiration, and attention. They desperately need to feel validated.

If you want to know if a narcissist has taken a liking to you, here are 10 signs that show a narcissist is interested in you.

Number 1: They will give you their undivided attention.

Narcissists only give their attention to those things that matter to them, usually concerning their selfish needs. Wouldn’t it be too surprising for them to go against their nature? And when they do, it’s where things get a little bit dangerous for you. If narcissists start to stare at you and never take their eyes off of you, then get warned, for that is a sign that they have taken a liking to you. Narcissists will then slowly give you their undivided attention. Still, the thing is that they always started off as romantic then later become obsessive and abusive. You can be over the moon and down to a dark pit one moment if you ever entertain them. Narcissists might admire you, but it’s usually not because of ordinary things like love and affection. Their reasons are much more complex in these things, which can make you go crazy if you start a relationship with them.

Number 2: They will compliment you often, even if it seems insincere.

It is not normal for narcissists to compliment people other than themselves. They go out of their way to do that for you. Then that is the only sign you need to confirm that they are interested in you. But you must remember that narcissists will only get interested in a person for power and satisfaction. So if you get swayed by their words of affection and compliments toward you, always remember that narcissists will never do something without having anything in return. However, when narcissists compliment you on your beauty, you can take their word for it because they have a knack for seeing beautiful things. The only downside is that they always want to take possession of them. That is why when narcissists are interested in you, they will do all sorts of things so they can have you for themselves.

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Number 3: They will make you feel special.

Narcissists are elitists, which means they think they are the only special ones and other people are just pawns they can use. That is why when they ought to make you special in any way, that may indicate that the narcissists are interested in you. Getting pampered by a narcissist is something unusual. Still, if it happens, they are successful in ensuring they do it perfectly. Although the dangerous thing about this is that you never know what narcissists want in return. Have you ever reached the point where you are on cloud nine but got pulled down entirely in one second? That is the ups and downs of having a relationship with a narcissist.

Number 4: They will be overly involved in your life.

Boundaries are never a narcissist’s vocabulary. If they want to be in your life, they will do it no matter the cost. And this usually happens when they get interested in you, whether as a partner or a plaything. Narcissists will surely want to win you over; hence, they have to be in every chapter of your life, which most of them think they must do to make you realize that they are making an effort for you. But wouldn’t this just cause you to be annoyed at them? To make them aware of it, you have to tell them that it’s not acceptable to be stepping on your boundaries. If they do it again while saying they won’t, it’s a matter of time before you distance yourself from them.

Number 5: They will want to spend a lot of time with you.

They may not appear like it, but narcissists are clingy and needy. What do you expect from someone who always gets what they want? When narcissists wish to know you better and want to spend time with you, that is an early sign that they are interested in you. However, this interest won’t last long because narcissists are fickle. If you decide to date a narcissist, remember that they are attention-seeking and constantly seek validation from their partners. Narcissists need constant praise and compliments to feel good about themselves. If you don’t want to be under the spell of narcissists, never let them think you are another dog.

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Number 6: They will try to control the relationship.

When narcissists start to tell you what to do, be very cautious, for they are slowly trying to control you. And this usually happens when narcissists are interested in you. For them, telling you what to do is out of concern, and you should be grateful they care about you. Still, narcissists are doing it for their reputation or satisfaction. Don’t get fooled by their charms and kind pretense. Narcissists always see control and power in every relationship. That is why when a narcissist has taken a liking to you, be sure to never entertain them. You don’t want to get stuck with a control freak for a lifetime, right?

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Number 7: They will expect you to give them attention.

Narcissists are well-known to be attention seekers. They thrive whenever they are in the spotlight, surrounded and pampered with praises and adoration from other people. So, it is not a surprise for them to expect you to give them the same attention and energy they usually get from others. They will even expect more from you if they are interested in you. Narcissists think it is your privilege to be liked by them and expect you to be on your knees, thanking them for even glancing at you. They are highly self-absorbed, which means if narcissists are interested in you, they will cause you wrinkles and white hair rather than being blooming and happy. That’s why it is better not to interact with them if you ever meet them because living a stressful life with narcissists is never a dream, right?

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Number 8: They will try to isolate you from your friends.

Selfishness is a trait that all narcissists have. When they see something they want or are interested in, they must only have it. Narcissists don’t ever want to share. Expect them to isolate you from your loved ones or friends for little reasons. But do you know what’s behind their behavior? It’s their pride. Most of the time, narcissists still only treat you like an item or trophy they can boast about. It’s like you are a limited edition car or bag they always want to have. You might be thinking that narcissists still have a change of heart when they express their interest in you, but you are only getting toyed with by them. Narcissists will never change if they don’t want to, and most of the time, they claim that they are changing for you, but believe me, it’s all lies.

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Number 9: They will do anything to keep you around.

Being loved alone is one of the greatest pet peeves of narcissists, which worsens if they get left behind by the person they liked. Hence, if a narcissist has taken a liking to you, expect them to do whatever it takes to keep you around. They do not want to be the ones left behind. For them, they should be the ones to decide when to stop. Their relationship won’t you rather have a freeing and accepting relationship rather than this world and kind of relationship with a narcissist?

Number 10: They will be very possessive.

Most of us know that narcissists don’t like to share when they are interested in someone, but it goes to the point where you will feel like you are their prisoner. Our success possessiveness is their inner characteristic. No one, not even the person they love, can reason with them if they are jealous or possessive. That is why if you let someone with narcissistic traits court you, they will surely not be a good ride for you. Narcissists always get what they want. If that’s you, they will do anything to have you, even if you don’t like them. What interests them gives them a little bit of life they always lack. That is why if they are interested in you, be sure that you remember how clever they can get to have you.

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