7 Questions a Narcissist Cannot Answer

7 Questions a Narcissist Cannot Answer


What questions will really stump a narcissist? What are the questions a narcissist can’t answer? Narcissists do not like to be questioned. In general, you know that they react poorly because they believe nobody can ask them anything. They never let anyone access their inner world because that could bring to the surface what they have been suppressing for years. There are some questions that, no matter what, they won’t answer and will always deflect.

This is an article about narcissists and the questions they can’t answer. Narcissists have a marked lack of empathy disorder, and they are inevitably excessively self-focused – this is exactly what trips them up in relationships and it is why they cannot answer these questions.

Of course, knowledge is power – and so it’s also about self-confidence and how to beat a narcissist at his or her own game. If you’ve ever needed to get information from a narcissist or ask a question of a narcissist, you know that everything is self-centered. The problem with asking a narcissist a question is that the narcissist considers that they are the central point of any conversation.

The following are 7 Questions a Narcissist Cannot Answer.

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