5 Weird Things Narcissists Believe

5 Weird Things Narcissists Believe


Can you guess who is the biggest enemy to a narcissist? It’s not me or you. It’s not anybody. It is the narcissist him or herself. That is the truth. How so? Well, the things they do make them clearly live a very dissatisfied life. For example, they chase relationships, they chase new partners in the pursuit of satisfaction, but they never feel it. Why? Because they think, rather they believe, that it’s the other person who is at fault, who is defective when in reality it’s them.

They never look within, which keeps them in a perpetual state of suffering and chasing the high. That is what makes them their biggest enemy. They believe in things that are purely delusional, and their entire belief system is absurd and weird, which is what we are going to talk about in this article.

The topic for today’s article is five crazy things that narcissists actually believe. The things that make them their biggest enemy.

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