5 Demonic Spirits Behind Narcissism

5 Demonic Spirits Behind Narcissism


In addition to being a major psychological issue, narcissism, in my opinion, is a big spiritual problem as well. The narcissist stays disconnected from their true and authentic self for decades, creating a void for evil—a space that is taken over by dark energy, which then influences their behavior and their overall personality.

When I say ‘dark energy,’ I am specifically referring to evil spirits, demonic entities. Some of you may not believe in any of that, which is also fine. You may want to understand this concept that I’m about to share with you in the context of multiple personality disorder or inner splitting.

How the narcissist has these different inner evil splits that inform their decision-making process and control the various facets or aspects of their evil narcissistic personality.

Today we are going to talk about a rather fascinating and intriguing topic—the five demonic spirits behind narcissism.

I know that it is quite controversial to talk about because many people would not like or do not like to understand narcissism in that context. Nevertheless, we are going to dive in deep and understand narcissism from a different perspective and try to see what other possibilities could arise from looking at it through the lens of spirituality. Let’s begin.

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