10 Most Dangerous Things About Narcissistic Relationships

10 Most Dangerous Things About Narcissistic Relationships


Safety and Security are the two things that come to mind when discussing relationships. Most think that love is all we need to have a long-lasting, healthy relationship, but that isn’t always the case. Some may have luck in fighting happily ever after, still, most of us get stuck in narcissistic relationships that are often dangerous and unhealthy. The worst is that they can be addictive to the point where people are willing to endure abuse to stay in them.

Read until the end as I reveal to you the 10 most dangerous things about narcissistic relationships.

Number 1: The narcissist’s false sense of entitlement.

Narcissists’ high sense of entitlement may not come off as a problem in the early days of your relationship, but sorry to rain on your parade, it’ll eventually cause severe troubles in the long run. The narcissist’s sense of entitlement can be confusing, especially regarding how they treat others. Narcissists often appear charming in the beginning stages of a relationship, still, they may suddenly become very demanding or critical once you get to know each other better. Troubles with narcissism in a relationship tend to suffer more often than not. Do you still think getting into a relationship with a narcissist is worth a try?

Number 2: The narcissist’s lack of empathy and compassion.

Compassion and empathy are essential when starting a relationship with someone. It is needful if you want to coexist with your partner, but you won’t have that when you have a narcissist as your other half. It may seem a little thing, but these two are the foundations of all relationships, whether romantic or not. It can also reach the point where it will become dangerous for your well-being. Why, if you may ask?

Because if your partner is a narcissist, you’ll have to deal with the fact that they will not care about you. This kind of person will never be able to empathize with another human being because they do not possess the ability to feel what others feel. They will also show no compassion or sympathy. You may not know it at first, but this makes them so dangerous in a relationship. The typical result is you getting broken beyond repair.

Number 3: The narcissist’s manipulative tactics and deception.

An honest and genuine person is what we long for in our friends, especially our partners in life. But often what comes are those manipulative and deceitful people like narcissists. They are the ones who will tell you what you want to hear but have no intention of following through. They’re also the ones who will use your kindness and generosity against you and ensure they get what they want at all times. No wonder you feel confused and hurt when someone you thought was a good person turns out to be a narcissist. The gravity of the emotions you’ve locked inside you because of their antics will eventually poison you like a toxin, leaving you dead and empty inside.

Number 4: The narcissist’s inability to show appreciation or love.

Humans are born with a need to love and be loved. Suppose you are stuck in a loveless narcissistic relationship and are not appreciated. Well, it is only a matter of time before you get destroyed if you won’t do anything to improve the situation. The more you stay in it, the more you will lose yourself and your true potential as a human being. It is time for you to break free from the chains that bind you so that you can live a better life.

If you have been in a loveless narcissistic relationship for a long time, it may be hard for you to see your way out. It is usual for people to feel like they are losing their minds when they are in this kind of situation. However, there is hope for those who seek it and open their hearts to love again. Remember, when you close your door on someone as dangerous as a narcissist, never let them step inside your life again.

Number 5: The narcissist’s failure to accept responsibility.

Carrying the burden of other people along with yours might just kill your soul entirely. Relationships exist because we long to share our obligations with our soulmates. Still, narcissists come in and delude you into believing that relationships are supposed to be them receiving love and that you do all the work. Why? It’s because narcissists are not the type to take the responsibility of caring for and fixing the problems in your relationship. They can’t even take responsibility for their actions, how much more when it involves your relationship? Narcissists still depend on you and expect that you fix everything for them. As a result, you will get too exhausted and empty to desire to live.

Number 6: The narcissist’s need for control.

Nowadays, the world is so controlling for our good. People seek a safe place to rest, free from any worries, mostly in their relationships. To find the safe space that means their lover’s arms. But what happens if the partner you found is also a control freak? In that case, the world would be too cruel from your perspective. Imagine your partner patronizing and criticizing your every move when you are supposed to be the one to support you all the way. Would you have any happiness left in your life? Other people in a narcissistic relationship become depressed to the point they commit suicide. I hope that is not the case for you.

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Number 7: The narcissist’s lack of respect.

What do you feel when someone treats you like a plaything they can throw any time they want? You will get that if you are in a relationship with a narcissist who lacks respect for others. The feeling of being a plaything is something that you will never get over. You may even feel worthless and like nothing matters because your life has no value. If you are in a relationship with someone who treats you like this, it’s time to walk away from them and find someone who will treat you with respect. You deserve to get treated like a human being and not an object.

Number 8: The narcissist’s involvement with other partners.

Infidelity is something most narcissists enjoy. It is a way for them to feel powerful and in control. They thrive on the thrill of the chase and are often bored with their partners after just a few years. It doesn’t matter if there is a risk of you getting sick or pregnant, or if the relationship is in trouble. They will cheat on you and do it again and again.

They may try to convince you they had no choice, that it was out of their control. They will say that they have a high sex drive or just can’t help themselves. That is not true. They could have chosen not to cheat. Narcissists are responsible for their behavior and always choose the path that benefits them most. You don’t lack anything. You have given them more than enough to know that staying with them will never be worth it.

Number 9: The narcissist’s use of emotional abuse.

If you have experienced neglecting your emotions to cater to the narcissist’s problems, know that it’s a foolish and dangerous move. You will end up feeling drained, exhausted, and even depressed. You’ll need to find ways to express your thoughts to restore balance in your life. It’s not your job to care for the narcissist’s issues. They need to be responsible for themselves and their feelings. If you have not experienced this situation, learning how to set healthy boundaries with others can be beneficial. It’s always better to be safe and ready than be sorry later, right?

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Number 10: The narcissist’s use of sex and physical abuse.

Do you know that narcissists are sadists? Sadists are generally only aroused by pain or humiliation-based sex, but not all narcissists are sadistic. It’s already agreed that narcissists lack control, and some like to take it further when having intercourse. That explains why narcissists only enjoy having intercourse when inflicting pain and acting cruelly to the other person. The feeling of power that comes with this can be highly arousing for them.

Narcissists often use their partner’s body for pleasure without regard for their partner. They may even actively hurt them and enjoy it. The key to understanding sadistic sex is that it’s about the narcissist, not you. You are there for their pleasure and nothing else. Suppose somehow these points are not too frightening or dangerous for you. Do you want to wait and see it before believing how dangerous it is to get involved with them? Then do as you please, but remember these points so you’ll know what to do at your lowest point. In that case, you’ll understand their weight once you experience getting abused in a narcissistic relationship.

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