8 Things Narcissists Don’t Get Over

8 Things Narcissists Don’t Get Over


Narcissistic people tend to be very self-absorbed. They’re very grandiose; they have that self-serving empathy, and they believe they are more important than all others—that self-importance. They can come across as extremely confident with their charismatic charm on the outside; however, this is usually a mask to hide their deeply hidden insecurities on the inside.

Narcissists project an image of invincibility and omnipotence. They present themselves as untouchable, unaffected by the mundane concerns and feelings that mere mortals experience. Their grandiose sense of self might make them appear as if nothing can dent their armor. However, beneath this impenetrable facade, there are certain experiences that completely destroy this illusion and leave them feeling powerless.

There are several things that narcissistic people struggle to get over. This article is just going to be a few of those.

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