7 Questions a Narcissist Cannot Answer

1. Why do you act so nicely before strangers?

Why do you pretend to be someone else? Most people aim to be kind and nice when meeting new folks or those they don’t know well. They see it as a chance to be friendly, not to fake emotions and make others like them. However, narcissists approach it differently. When they meet new people, they view them as a clean slate to create any story they want. They become shallow and invent stories to affect the other person’s feelings and gain their admiration and attention. The person being tricked ends up thinking the narcissist is a wonderful person. But, in reality, it’s all fake. The narcissist really wants others to think highly of them.

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2. Why do my differences threaten you?

Narcissists don’t like it when you have different thoughts, feelings, or opinions because it means they can’t control you. They want you to agree with them, feel what they think is right, and do what they believe is best for you. When you don’t follow their ideas, they see it as a rebellion and feel surprised that you’re just being yourself. They might think you’ve betrayed them by expressing your true self. In their view, your identity doesn’t fit in the relationship, and they expect you to do what they want.

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If you don’t conform to their standards, they feel treated unfairly. Considering your perspective or sharing your opinions makes them uncomfortable because it might show they are wrong or don’t know everything. Letting your opinions shine takes the attention away from them, and they don’t like that. They feel threatened by your uniqueness, so they try to change or destroy it.

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