10 Reasons Why Narcissists Will Never Leave You

10 Reasons Why Narcissists Will Never Leave You


Ever wonder why you can’t get narcissists out of your tail, no matter how hard you try to avoid, reject, or leave them? You might have been thinking of ways to get them out of your way, but sorry to rain on your parade – you’ll never succeed in forcing them to do that.

We all know that narcissists are the ones who will decide whether they will leave you or not. But aside from that, there are many underlying and unsaid reasons why they can’t leave you. Narcissists just don’t want to say them to protect their inflated and fragile egos.

If you want to understand them more, today we will talk about 10 reasons why narcissists will forever stick with you.

Number 1: You are an emotional and psychological anchor for them.

Narcissists have unstable emotions, resulting in them having chaotic and messy minds. You are wrong if you think they are grounded in life because they always show you their pretend smile. Narcissists are never the ones who can deal with their thoughts and emotions alone. They will always need someone by their side, and if they find you to be the person they can get stability from, they will never let you go.

Narcissists might treat you like some sort of drug that they will use until they feel better, eventually leaving you abused, empty, and sometimes broken beyond repair. If you are currently feeling these emotions or in this predicament, remember that you can always call someone for help when it gets too much to handle.

Number 2: You provide a valuable service to them.

It is widely known that narcissists exploit others for their gain. Combined with their high sense of entitlement, narcissists think it is customary to use your money, status, and even profession to their advantage. Say, for example, you are a doctor or a lawyer – narcissists will want to get married or be in a relationship with you because your profession lifts them in the food chain. With you alone by their side, people will think that narcissists are honorable and noble. Hence, if someone tries to get closer to you, be very keen on observing what they want from you. You might just be dealing with an opportunistic narcissist without knowing it.

Number 3: You help them maintain their self-image and narcissism.

If you’re constantly asking, “Why won’t they leave you alone? Why can’t they find any answers?” You might also want to see the reason within yourself. One of the main reasons a narcissist can’t leave you is that you are helping them maintain their self-image and narcissism by giving them constant praise and compliments. Narcissists don’t settle when they don’t benefit. So if they stay with you, you give them a reason to do it. When you are with a narcissist, they want to make sure they come off as perfect in your eyes.

Narcissists will do whatever it takes to keep you thinking they are the most amazing person on earth. That is why you won’t even doubt if they are lying or cheating on you because of how good they are in your eyes. Hence, why would they want to leave you if they can escape their mistakes and maintain their image with you by their side?

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Number 4: You are an enabler who provides them with a safe place to live.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “safe place”? Wouldn’t you agree that it’s filled with peace, the utmost stillness that makes you assure that you are safe? But as for narcissists, the safe place is where their misbehaviors and vices are tolerated. And just like us, when narcissists find a safe place, they don’t even dream of leaving it. That is why, if you’re wondering why narcissists won’t leave you, it’s because you are that safe place for them. You might be unaware that you are enabling them to do their misdeeds in the guise of love. You never push them to change for the better and just accept them for who they are, which can be bad for you and the narcissists.

Number 5: They easily manipulate you.

No matter how competitive humans are, most always settle for the convenient way rather than challenging options. Narcissists are also a part of that. Once in a while, narcissists might want to get worked up, but most of the time, they want everything easy. Now that you know that, don’t you think narcissists don’t leave you because you are very easy to manipulate or fool? Would you let them get to you again if that’s the case? The clear answer is no, but only you can decide your answer.

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Number 6: They enjoy having a partner who gives without expecting anything.

Being a giver is usually a positive quality of a person, but when it gets too much, it will cause you to self-destruct. Narcissists are accustomed to receiving efforts, affection, and gifts without feeling obligated to return the favor. So if you are that person who doesn’t expect anything in return and always gives your all to the narcissists, why would they even think of leaving you? Narcissists always jump at the chance of gaining something from a person. So if you willingly give what they want from them, narcissists will be pleased, and they won’t work too hard to get what they want.

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Number 7: You are an ideal scapegoat.

Narcissists don’t have any sense of loyalty. No matter how convincing they can be when saying they are, you should be wise not to believe their lies. Thinking that narcissists can’t leave you because they treasure you is like standing over a dangerous pit of disappointments and pain. Narcissists can always push you down that dangerous pit whenever they like it. They would even paint you as a bad person, even if you are the one getting abused.

To them, you are just a scapegoat they are willing to sacrifice for their safety, security, and survival. Narcissists don’t have any remorse for throwing you under the bus. So if you are wondering why they are still with you, they might be keeping you by their side so they have someone else to blame for their mistakes. Are you willing to be just like that?

Number 8: Your relationship gives them a psychological advantage over others.

Narcissists will not leave you because your relationship gives them a psychological advantage over others, which means they will not leave you unless they find someone else who gives them the same benefit. That is why it is so difficult for narcissists to break up with their partners, because breaking up means losing a source of narcissistic supply. They want to keep you around because they feel your presence will make them better than everyone else.

They will not leave you because it will be too inconvenient for them. Can you imagine them being powerless and vulnerable in one corner? That seems too impossible because doing so would mean giving up the power and control over the lives they have come to expect. Narcissists are careful about their decisions because they will affect every aspect of their lives.

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Number 9: You are their trophy partner and status symbol.

Winning is a big deal for narcissists, but the thing is, they make other people serve as their trophies. Have you ever heard the term “trophy wife”? That’s what narcissists want in a partner – someone who will be an accessory that they can show off to other people. Narcissists want someone who is attractive and has a good reputation so that other people will think highly of them for being with this person. So if you tick all the boxes and your narcissist is not leaving you any sooner, be aware that they might just treat you as a trophy they show off and display on their shelves, trapped inside the house.

Number 10: You give them a sense of belonging, identity, and purpose.

All their life, narcissists are always on the chase for the next big thing, feeling like they have to be this and that just to belong. As a result, most of them lose their identity and purpose in life, lost and broken beyond repair. But if a narcissist keeps on telling you, then you might be that for them – the one who will guide the narcissist to the right path. But when narcissists take an interest in someone, their whole demeanor will change, and a few might just find their way back. The only downside to this is if narcissists start to get obsessed and controlling, because when that happens, narcissists will begin to lose themselves all over again.

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There can be a lot of reasons why narcissists will never leave you, but the main reason is that they don’t like to be alone with their thoughts. Narcissists are troubled people with a lot of hurts, and you know the Quote, “Hurt people hurt people.” That exactly describes the narcissist’s behavior toward you.

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