9 Things That Crush A Narcissist Ego


When you’ve dealt with a narcissistic person who has betrayed you in some of the most horrific ways, deceived you, lied to you, and hurt you, you can have that devil and angel playing in your head. One minute you’re just wanting them to sort themselves out and do well, and not hurt another person. In another minute, you’re wanting to find out what will really get under their skin, what will truly hurt them. However, unlike narcissistic people, genuine people don’t usually act on that, and narcissistic people go around getting their egos crushed anyway.

As there are nine things that will significantly crush a narcissist’s ego without you even trying to do anything to hurt them, their sense of self-importance and their relentless pursuit of admiration is very easily shattered under certain circumstances. You’ll often notice that you may have triggered this within them without even meaning to.

The following are 9 Things That Crush A Narcissist Ego.

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