7 Things That Drive Narcissists Crazy

7 Things That Drive Narcissists Crazy


No matter how impenetrable narcissists may pretend to be, no matter how much they hide behind their masters and pretend that they are the strongest, they still have points that drive them crazy. There are buttons within them. If these buttons are pushed correctly, they reach a point of craziness. So what are these things that drive them crazy? Let’s find that out in today’s article.

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Number 1: Saying no to their demands.

Narcissists expect complete obedience and compliance from you. They do not expect you to say no ever to anything that they have asked from you. In their mind and in their thinking, you are like a money dispenser machine that has to be giving and giving all the time without them making any effort to refill you. They have zero concern for the kind of damage that you go through or you experience because of this unstoppable need for supply. You are seen and assumed that you have an unlimited infinite capacity to give, and they keep taking to the point where you are drained completely, left with nothing.

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