7 Things That Drive Narcissists Crazy

7 Things That Drive Narcissists Crazy


No matter how impenetrable narcissists may pretend to be, no matter how much they hide behind their masters and pretend that they are the strongest, they still have points that drive them crazy. There are buttons within them. If these buttons are pushed correctly, they reach a point of craziness. So what are these things that drive them crazy? Let’s find that out in today’s article.

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Number 1: Saying no to their demands.

Narcissists expect complete obedience and compliance from you. They do not expect you to say no ever to anything that they have asked from you. In their mind and in their thinking, you are like a money dispenser machine that has to be giving and giving all the time without them making any effort to refill you. They have zero concern for the kind of damage that you go through or you experience because of this unstoppable need for supply. You are seen and assumed that you have an unlimited infinite capacity to give, and they keep taking to the point where you are drained completely, left with nothing.

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Number 2: Ignoring them intentionally or accidentally.

Ignoring a narcissist is like starving them for real. It is the ultimate starvation that the narcissist can ever go through because they function and thrive on attention, admiration, and adoration, whether positive or negative. They just need it. It’s like the blood supply that keeps the leech alive. I have been using this metaphor for a long time now. So, attention, your attention especially, is what keeps them going is what they want from you, and if you withhold it intentionally or accidentally, you give them a narcissistic injury. When you give them a narcissistic injury, it elicits narcissistic rage, and they try to punish you by withholding affection, abusing you via money, doing things to bring you down, and beat you there.

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Number 3: Not making them your first priority and only priority.

They hate to see their supply being connected, being supported, and being a part of other people’s life. They hate to see you around other people and give them attention because the presumption is all the attention that you have to give is theirs to take, so no one can claim it. If you are found with someone else, for example, if there is a good friend in your life, the narcissist would be pathologically envious and jealous towards them because they do not want you to be connected with anyone else except them. They want you to fully and completely depend on them, on them only because that gives them the ultimate authority over your life and over you, that gives them the ultimate control. They cannot tolerate to see their toy in someone else’s hands.

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This is why all the smear campaign happens in the first place. This is why the triangulation, visible, invisible, forward or what, takes place to isolate you, to corner you, and then make you dependent on them because once they see you dependent on them, seeking their attention, seeking their support, that is what feeds them, that’s what gives meaning to their existence, that is meaningless in itself.

Number 4: Seeing you living your life to the fullest.

Seeing you struggle and suffer is what feeds the narcissist into sadism. It is what makes them feel and control. It gives them the sense of power and to see you thrive is one of their worst nightmares. They want you to depend on them, they want you to suffer in the darkness that they are suffering in already so that they can feed on the life that you have to offer. They cannot tolerate seeing you rising above them in the level of freedom, internal and external freedom as well. They cannot see it, which is why they have to keep you there to make you suffer, to feel in control, to feel that they are alive, to feel that there is some meaning to their existence, your freedom and independence are death to their ego.

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Number 5: Proving that you are better at anything than them.

Competence is in a narcissist’s blood. They’re like a five-year-old who has to defeat you in everything to feel better about themselves. It is rooted in a deep sense of inadequacy and incompetence. Once you are better at even the simplest things like cooking, dancing, or something like that, instead of learning from you, instead of taking you as an inspiration, they start competing with you, and you really wonder what this hell is all about. Instead of seeing you as a child, a partner, or a friend, they start seeing you as an enemy they have to defeat to feel better about themselves.

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Number 6: Not believing their lies.

They gaslight, manipulate, lie, and do all of those dirty things with the intention that you are going to get trapped in this web that they weave around you, and once you deflect this mental sorcery and refuse to believe, they become rageful. They are filled with anger, resentment towards you for daring to go, in an opposite direction than what they had decided for you, and they start punishing you, they start stepping up in their abuse. Clearly, narcissists are driven by hate, envy, jealousy, greed, and whatnot. And if they fail at getting whatever they want to get, whatever they want to succeed at, that drives them crazy.

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