5 Odd Things a Narcissist Does when they hit Collapse

5 Odd Things a Narcissist Does when they hit Collapse


In order to understand what narcissistic collapse is, you have to understand what narcissists can’t stand. Narcissists are people who need to be held in high regard by everyone — primarily because their self-esteem is extremely low. They don’t actually have confidence, even if it appears they do.

A narcissist feeds off praise because they cannot stand on their own. They need to be the best in the room. It’s a show they put on. They truly don’t like themselves and feel like the only way people will like them is if they are a grandiose version of themselves.

The worst thing that can happen to a narcissist is to have their mask of perfection ripped off. In other words, public humiliation, being outed for foul deeds, and being degraded in the eyes of others is their worst nightmare.

A narcissistic collapse is a term for the intense emotional reaction that occurs when a narcissist experiences a setback, feels humiliated, or gets outed as “the bad guy” in a way that they can’t recover from.

Here are five weird things a narcissist does when they hit collapse:

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