3 Types of Women Who Attract Narcissists

1. Doormat duchess.

The first category is the “doormat duchess” – someone who has very low self-esteem, who is eager to please, who has very fluid boundaries, who’s willing to overextend herself and do anything that her man requires, to submit to his will, to bow down to his every request and whim, to completely self-efface and dissolve into him and his every need, and have her entire world revolve around him. Okay, that’s the first type.

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This is usually someone who cannot stand up for herself, she has little to no confidence, and she is very easily persuaded and molded. Usually, it can also occur in younger women more than older women, but there is no age for this. It’s a type.

2. Confident.

The second category of the type of woman that attracts narcissists or that narcissists are attracted to is the really confident, outgoing, bubbly, sunshiny personality. The type of woman who lights up the room when she walks into a place; she’s the life of the party; she’s untameable; she is a free spirit; she is just overflowing with charisma and joie de vivre; she has this aptitude and intelligence, character, and charisma. So, this is the type of woman that narcissists are attracted to surprisingly.

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But the reason why they are attracted to this type of personality is that they see it as a challenge. After they’ve played around with category one and they’ve become bored because, well, she’ll just bow down and not put up a fight and not challenge him, he is now looking for that challenge. He’s now looking for a woman that he can mold, he can subdue, woman that he can conquer, a woman that he can humble, a woman whom he can put in her place and bring her down to the level of emotional poverty that he feels. So, he wants to break down this strong woman in order to feel better about himself because narcissists are very destructive.

Now, of course, most of my content is talking about the covert narcissist because I have a lot of experience in that regard, but this can extend to both covert and overt narcissists.

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