10 Shocking Things Narcissists Do When They Realize You No Longer Want Them Back

10 Shocking Things Narcissists Do When They Realize You No Longer Want Them Back


Breaking Free from narcissists can be a roller coaster ride, but the drama doesn’t end there. They can resort to jaw-dropping behavior once they realize you’re no longer playing their games.

In this article, we’ll delve into 10 shocking things narcissists often do when they realize you no longer want them back:

Number 1: They will show fake kindness and empathy toward you.

When narcissists realize you’re no longer interested in having them around, they might put on a little act. They suddenly become these super kind and empathetic beings, all warm and fuzzy. But it’s all a show, a fake display to try and win you back. Here’s the kicker: they’ll likely revert to their old ways once they think they’ve lured you back into their web of self-centeredness. That kindness and empathy are only temporary, not long enough. They’re back to the same old selfishness and lack of concern for anyone else but themselves.

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Number 2: They will throw tantrums in front of you.

When narcissists finally figure out you no longer want them back in your life, they can act like little kids throwing tantrums. It’s like they can’t handle the fact that you’ve moved on and they’ve lost their grip on you. Instead of accepting that things are over between you two, narcissists might try to make a scene to get your attention or manipulate you emotionally. This behavior can range from loud outbursts and drama to passive-aggressive jabs and guilt-inducing statements. Narcissists can’t stand not being the center of attention or having you in their life, so they resort to these tantrums to try and pull you back in.

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Number 3: They will spread rumors about you.

When narcissists figure out you’re not into them anymore and don’t want to get back together, they can’t handle it. Narcissists get all worked up and upset. Instead of accepting that things didn’t work out, they spread rumors about you. They can’t stand the thought of you moving on and being happy without them. So, to feel better about themselves, narcissists make up all sorts of stories about you. They might say bad things about your character and actions or twist some innocent stuff to make you look bad.

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Number 4: They will remind you of your memories together.

Narcissists might get desperate when they realize you no longer want them back. One tactic they use is bringing up all those sweet memories you shared. They’ll try to make you reminisce about your good times together. The thing is, they’re not doing this because they genuinely miss you or regret their behavior. Nope, narcissists can’t stand the idea that you don’t want them anymore, and they’ll do whatever it takes to reel you back in, even if it’s just to feed their ego.

Number 5: They will make fake promises to change.

Narcissists start feeling the pinch when they notice you’re no longer interested in having them back in your life. They can’t handle rejection very well because their ego is so fragile. So, in a desperate attempt to reel you back in, they might suddenly start making all these flashy promises to change. They’ll tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to hear like, “I’ll be more caring,” “I’ll change my ways,” and “I’ll be a better person.” It can sound pretty convincing, but here’s the catch: most of these promises are as fake as those knock-off designer bags you find in a flea market.

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Number 6: They will make fake apologies.

Narcissists’ ego gets a huge hit when they realize you’re no longer interested in having them back in your life. They devise these fake apologies to manipulate you and reel you back in. In reality, they don’t truly see the error of their ways, and their main goal is to regain control over you. It’s all about keeping you in their orbit and feeding their constant need for admiration and attention.

Number 7: They will shower you with attention, flattery, and gifts.

When a narcissist figures out you’re not interested in being with them anymore, they go into this weird panic mode. Instead of accepting that you’ve moved on, they try to suck you back in with various tactics. Narcissists shower you with attention; suddenly, they’re all about you, trying to make you feel special again. They’ll flatter you to the moon and back, complimenting everything about you, hoping you’ll fall for it. And if that wasn’t enough, narcissists start bombarding you with gifts, hoping to win you over with material stuff.

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Number 8: They will stalk you virtually and physically.

Things can get pretty creepy when narcissists finally get that you’re not interested in being with them anymore. First, let’s talk about virtual stalking. They might start obsessively checking your social media accounts, liking old posts, and even commenting on stuff from ages ago. It’s like narcissists want to keep tabs on everything you do online. But wait, there’s more. Some narcissists can take things to the next level and start physically stalking you. They might visit your go-to places like your workplace, gym, or even your favorite coffee shop. It’s like they’re trying to keep an eye on you in real life, and that’s seriously creepy.

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Number 9: They will make you feel guilty for abandoning them.

Once narcissists realize you’re not interested in them anymore, they tend to act out to make you feel bad for leaving them. Narcissists might try to make you feel guilty about your decision. They could play the victim and act all hurt, making you believe it’s your fault for abandoning them. Narcissists might even use emotional manipulation to get you to change your mind and return to them.

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Number 10: They will threaten you not to expose your true colors.

When narcissists catch on that you no longer want them back, they get scared. Narcissists can’t stand the thought of people seeing their true colors, their ugly side. So instead of accepting that you’ve moved on, they might try to play dirty. Narcissists might resort to threats to keep you from exposing their not-so-nice behavior. They say, “Hey, if you dare talk about the real me, you’ll regret it.” They’re desperate to maintain that false image of perfection they’ve created for themselves and will do whatever it takes to protect it.

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Breaking away from a narcissistic relationship is a courageous step towards regaining your freedom and self-worth. Remember, when narcissists realize you no longer want them back, they may resort to various tactics to regain control. Stay true to yourself, seek support, and prioritize your healing. By recognizing these behaviors, you can navigate the aftermath of a narcissistic relationship with strength and resilience.

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