4 Unpopular Signs of Narcissism

4 Unpopular Signs of Narcissism


There are different flavors of Narcissism. Narcissists present themselves differently. For example, some are overt, some are covert, and some are a mix of both. Although outwardly they may manifest differently, their foundation is the same, and they battle with a lot of the same insecurities.

So today, I want to talk about some uncommon signs of Narcissism, which will put the spotlight on what some call Vulnerable Narcissism.

So some people have a general idea of how a Narcissist may present themselves. Social Media has provided us with some very good examples of Narcissistic behavior, such as being quite grandiose. Where they think quite highly of themselves and make a point of appearing confident, successful, being quite a social butterfly, even acting cocky or proud. But that is just one take and not entirely true of all Narcissists. Because even though all Narcissists feel this way of being filled with pride and thinking themselves to be better than others, some do not show it. And that takes us to our first uncommon sign of Narcissism:

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