6 Toxic Money Habits of a Narcissist

6 Toxic Money Habits of a Narcissist


As narcissistic people tend to believe they’re entitled to your stuff, they have that grandiose sense of self-importance, and money is not off-limits with this.

Narcissists not only exhibit damaging behaviors in their personal relationships but also demonstrate toxic habits when it comes to money. Their distorted sense of self-importance and entitlement often leads them to engage in harmful financial practices. Here are some common toxic money habits of narcissists:

1. Hypocritical.

When it comes to a narcissist and money, they can be extremely hypocritical. They believe that you should be okay with things that they wouldn’t be okay with. So if they’re not willing to go out and purchase entry into somewhere, they expect you to be okay with purchasing the entry for them. If they’re not willing to buy a coffee when you’re out and about, they expect you to purchase them a coffee. If they’re not willing to buy that pint in the pub, they expect you to be willing to buy that pint for them. They’re very hypocritical with money and believe they’re entitled to your money.

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2. Believe they’re entitled to your money.

They’re highly secretive about money. They will not let you know about their financial status unless they’re boasting, which is often untrue. However, they demand to know where every single penny of yours goes. They are incredibly secretive when it comes to their financial status. They only inform people of what they want them to know so that narcissists can look good. They will keep their money hidden from their partners and expect to use all their partners’ money.

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3. Scrimp on essentials to buy non-essentials.

They can scrimp on essentials such as food, yet they can be boastful and extravagant in other things. For example, if they have a home, the front of the home will have the best brickwork, the best windows, the best driveway, and the most expensive car parts on the drive. Inside the home, it’s falling into a rack and ruin, and the narcissist is getting food from food banks because they don’t want to spend their money on those things. They want to show that facade to those around them of how amazing they are, but no one’s allowed into the home to see how miserable they actually are.

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4. Save their money and spend all yours.

They will go all out to save their money and claim they’re saving for the future with you, for your retirement, for holidays. Yet, when that future comes, they still don’t spend any of that money they expect you to spend all of yours. They might take you on a lavish trip but expect you to pay for the travel, any overnight hotels, food, and trips. They can equal a similar amount, but to a narcissistic person, who did nothing and provided everything for you, they can spend all your money without any remorse.

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5. Promise to pay you back, then make you feel guilty for wanting it back.

They can actually purchase something online and ask to use your credit card because they don’t want to use their own, claiming they’ll pay you back. But then they don’t pay you back, and if you ask them to, they get offended and say, “We’re a team, why do I need to pay you back?” They get offended if you don’t lend them money as well. They go all out to make you feel guilty. They’ll spend all your money, get loans out in your name, get you into debt, and then make you feel guilty for not being able to control your finances because they’ve saved up a load of money while you were providing everything for them.

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6. Competitive.

They are very competitive about money. They might not be forthcoming in how much they earn, but they will claim that they earn a lot more than you. They make everything seem like it’s theirs—my house, my car, my holiday, my clothes—despite not providing anything.

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They will go all out to borrow money from you, again promising to pay you back. But when it comes to paying you back, they make you feel guilty for expecting your money back from them. Yet if you don’t loan it to them, they make you feel guilty. Narcissistic people are very toxic when it comes to finances. They feel entitled to your money and will go all out to bleed you dry. Yet they find a way to blame you when you’re in debt and make it seem like it was nothing to do with them—it’s all your fault.

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